Urban Moonshine Herb School


DSC01727 (jovial king's conflicted copy 2013-10-25)

Join Guido Masé for a 16-week exploration of herbal medicine. This online series serves as a guide for the beginning herbalist: every week students receive a new lesson that includes information on botany, human physiology, medicine making, and basic herbal therapy, along with a video lecture from Guido focused on plant identification, preparation, and key topics. Each week will also feature three or four important medicinal species that we will explore in greater depth, along with materia medica sheets that summarize each plant’s actions, energetics, and therapeutic uses.

As we walk together through the seasons, students will receive self-evaluations to assess their own progress, and are expected to document their experiences through whatever medium feels most comfortable: writing, images, song, video. At the end of the season, students will feel confident in using herbal medicine for basic self and family care, and receive a certificate of completion.