Urban Moonshine Herb School

Lora Krall


I want to thank you for a fabulous learning experience!!!!!  While it was a bit more challenging than I had anticipated, it really provided me with some great information.  I especially appreciate the systems model of digestion/respiration/reserves/adjustment and repair.  As a nurse, I constantly struggle with a way to describe the world of herbalism to “medical minds”  This fits well with work of Martha Rodgers (nursing theorist) systems model and actually makes sense when I have shared it with other nurses! I also liked the plant identification videos (I took a lot of pictures this summer to make my own power point based on your inspiration), and the research articles to support the work of herbalism.  Phyotochemistry really expanded my limits but after digesting a chunk of this I was able to understand my son’s PhD work with ligands.


Thank you so much!!! I hope I can take more classes in the future.



Lora Krall Herb School 2014